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Managers are dominant and independent Generalists. They are very goal-oriented and can be quite analytical, focusing more on the process and outcomes than on people. They often look at people as a vehicle for helping them accomplish their goals. Consequently, they sometimes disregard or overlook the people part of the equation or inadvertently offend people with their straightforward style of communication.

Unlike the two previous entrepreneurial types, managers have a higher than average level of relaxation and know that some projects simply take more time to complete and some goals take longer to achieve than others. They're loyal, sometimes to a fault, as they look at their employees as an extension of their family. They do not like making snap decisions and hate being swayed by emotional argument. They make salespeople crazy because they are more interested in the bottom line than with visiting, but can deal well with customers, especially repeat customers, and therefore, will probably be great at growing a business.

As you might expect, managers make good franchise owners. They are great behind-the-scenes leaders, and like working with systems, concepts, ideas, and technologies. They are often great at competitive selling because they enjoy overcoming rejection and achieving goals despite obstacles. While they enjoy working by themselves managing others can be a challenge, so they need to hire employees who are better at listening and working well with others.

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