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Motivators are Generalists with a high level of sociability, an above-average level of dominance, drive, and independence. This gives them the ability to work quite well under pressure and in autonomous situations. It also means that they are great consensus builders, good collaborators, and drivers of change. Just like the title, they are the consummate motivator where they do well working by, with and through others. Their glass is always more than half full.

Like managers, motivators can make excellent franchise owners. They do well in almost any business that involves people, as long as it is a non-confrontational environment. They can be convincing and avoid most confrontation by creating strong emotional arguments. Motivators do well in tough customer service situations because they can see both sides of an argument. Motivators typically excel at leadership and sales, and do well in a business with partners or in a business that involves others. They are particularly adept at nurturing clients and keeping them for long periods of time.

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